How to reengineer Business Processes effectively?

1️⃣ Benefiting from NORDA Advisory’s best-practice business process library consisting of 132 processes to jump-start process reengineering in a faster and more efficient way.

2️⃣ Defining the project scope by selecting the relevant scope from the 11 business scenarios and 132 business processes.

3️⃣ Identifying optimization potentials by presenting best-practice, typical optimization potentials, comparing as-is against best-practice.

4️⃣ Performing data analysis based upon CSV files from productive system(s) identifying optimization potentials.

5️⃣ Identifying optimization potentials by measuring wastes according to Lean principles.

6️⃣ Identifying gaps not complying with the law.

7️⃣Consolidating all optimization potentials, prioritizing, and categorizing them, and deciding follow-up steps.

8️⃣Resulting in reengineered end-to-end business processes as well as follow-up actions.

9️⃣Filing reengineered business processes, follow-up action list as well as documenting guidelines in a single source of truth.

🔟 Achieving the overall goal to reduce legal costs (Prozesskosten).

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