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Culture, values, leadership and diversity

Our core Nordic values matter to us.
They unite us unlike any other.

We are proud of the people around us and our Scandinavian cultural heritage. We share the same values.

Listen. Understanding. Think. Advise.

Welcome to our approach to consulting.
Welcome to NORDA Advisory!

Our values

  • Nice and nurturing
  • Optimistic
  • Reflective and results-oriented
  • Decent and decisive
  • Authentic and ambitious
  • Nett und andere entwickelnd

  • Optimistisch
  • Reflektiert und ergebnisorientiert
  • Anständig und entscheidungsfreudig
  • Authentisch und ehrgeizig

Our leadership style

We practice a Scandinavian leadership style.

A Scandinavian leadership style is characterized by the following features:

  • Humanity
  • Honesty and trust
  • Training and development
  • Team orientation
  • Flat hierarchies
  • Participation

We put our employees at the center of everything we do. Coaching and mentoring are central anchors of our leadership.


We are convinced that diversity enriches our company and that, as a result, we jointly achieve qualitatively better results for our customers.

This is also confirmed by studies.

The diversity cube on the right shows the composition of our diversity.

In particular, we are in favor of greater equality between women and men.

NORDA Advisory therefore signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) of the United Nations in March 2021 and actively promotes them.

Meet us, get to know our associates

Our Team

Managing Director
CRM and HR Advisory Lead

Managing DIrector
Finance and Tax Advisory Lead


Our compensation packages include the following benefits:

  • Personal development through coaching and regular feedback
  • Upskilling through training on a professional, structured approach to work
  • Combination of Big4 expertise with start-up culture
  • Modern Workspace at “Spaces” in Frankfurt
  • Modern Workplace with Microsoft Office 365, including Teams
  • On-site benefits include free gym access, fresh fruit, specialty coffee, bike storage, networking events
  • Amazing Team
  • Fun
  • Persönliche Entwicklung durch Coaching und regelmäßiges Feedback
  • Upskilling durch Training auf einen professionellen, strukturierten Arbeitsansatz

  • Verbindung von Big4-Expertise mit Start-up-Kultur
  • Modern Workspace bei “WeWork” in “Berlin-Charlottenburg”
  • Modern Workplace mit Microsoft Office 365, inklusive Teams
  • Benefits vor Ort inkludieren freien Zugang zur Gym, frische Früchte, Specialty Coffee, Fahrradkeller, Networking-Veranstaltungen
  • Amazing Team
  • Spaß

Application and Onboarding

Start your career with us.

We are always happy to meet new people and we are looking forward to welcoming you.

Application process

Application Tips

We have the following application tips for you:

Cover letter
  • Write names correctly
  • Use simple sentences
  • Explain why you are a good fit for the job
  • Do a spelling check before you send off your application
  • Pay attention to the little things. Your application is important
  • Invest time in an appealing, graphic design
  • Reduce your experience and education to the relevant details
  • Keep your CV and LinkedIn profile consistent
  • Match your content to the job description
  • Your clothes should look professional, as you want to convince with your personality and expertise
  • If you have doubts, choose the more conservative option
  • Closed blouse, covered arms, tights, closed shoes
  • Choose discreet colors
  • Little jewelry
  • Wear a ponytail
  • Discreet make-up
  • Direct your camera optimally
  • Adjust the light optimally
  • Clean up your background and/or choose a Microsoft Teams background
  • Look and speak into the camera. Place a Post-it next to the camera as a reminder
  • Test the camera in advance
  • Close all applications that could interfere with the call
On-site Interview
  • Be authentic and pleasant in the interview
  • Listen carefully to the questions. Answer accurately. Don’t babble. Be prepared for follow-up questions
  • Don’t be as silent as a fish. Prepare questions and ask questions, especially if you don’t understand something
  • Reflect on the competencies and skills required for the job
  • Prepare examples
  • Don’t exaggerate, but don’t hide your light under a bushel either
  • Have fun


When we welcome you to NORDA Advisory, we will give you a plan for your first 6 months with us.

On your first day you will receive:

  • Onboarding Deck
  • Employee Handbook
  • Goal setting
  • Expectations
  • Computer, including setup

During the first week you will receive:

  • First part of training
  • To Do list
  • Overview with a plan for the first 6 weeks

In the first 6 weeks you will receive:

  • Face-to-Face trainings
  • Feedback

In addition, you will receive a high-level plan for the first 6 months.

Learning and Personal Development

Grow with us.

You will learn every day – that’s our promise to you.

We have many exciting positions and career paths.

Career model

Our career model includes 7 levels.

You develop through:

  • Training on the job
  • Training along the job
  • Feedback
  • Training on the job

  • Training along the job
  • Feedback

Development Programs

We have developed special programs for different levels:

  • LeaderIn for a month
  • För Kvinnor
  • North Star
  • Reverse Mentoring

Training plan

We have a training repository of over 160 trainings, from which your dedicated training plan is created annually.

Performance Management

We give you regular feedback so that you can develop personally and professionally.

  • Initially you will receive a goal setting meeting.
  • Every 3 months you will receive a formal feedback meeting
  • Once a year you will receive an overall feedback, including goal achievement, strengths and development potentials, competencies and skills
  • Initial erhältst Du ein Zielvereinbarungsgespräch
  • Alle 3 Monate erhältst Du ein formelles Feedbackgespräch
  • Einmal im Jahr ein Gesamtfeedback, mit Zielerreichung, Stärken und Entwicklungspotentialen, Kompetenzen und Skills


Consulting is not the most sustainable industry. The pandemic has certainly scaled it back.

We don’t want to engage in greenwashing. Nevertheless, we have been looking at how we can become more sustainable at NORDA Advisory.

What are we committing to?

  • We will only work on-site at the client for 1-2 weeks and as needed, e.g., kick-offs, 1-week workshops, testing, training or go live and especially social events, per month. For the rest of the time we work virtually.
  • For travel within Germany, we take the train. We pay our employees for the increased travel time, but do not charge our customers for it. We do not want our employees to work while traveling. This way we ensure the confidentiality of our customers and their information.

    This is our contribution.